Concept Study: Non-visible runner

It is our daily business to question the furniture as it is today. To do it differently. To make it better. 

We are guided by the vision of the perfect fusion of design and technology. This is also the standard for every new product that we develop together with our network partners.

When you think of a conventional sideboard with a glass top, what catches your eye? You open the drawer and an unsightly metal rail running along the side of the drawer appears next to the storage items. Is there a better way? Absolutely!

We have worked out a solution that will give your sideboard a whole new value and differentiate it from what you have been used to. Perfectly suited for store fitting, dressing rooms, walk-in closets or exclusive living areas. Accessories and special objects can be placed in the spotlight, without the technology built into the drawer destroying the purist design when it is opened. A rail integrated into the furniture body creates a unique freedom of design that allows an undisturbed view of all levels of the furniture.

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  • Fully integrable in 25 mm
  • Semi-integratable ≤ 24 mm
  • Suitable for wooden drawers
  • Silent System
  • Glass top shelf possible
  • Full-extension / partial extension