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ViZard by ambigence

ViZard by ambigence is a new type of flap fitting that disappears invisibly into the furniture side. This innovation clears the way for elementary, purist design, inside the furniture as well. Without room-filling, obstructive mechanics. Without optical interfering edges. ViZard by ambigence allows an aesthetic interplay of light and shadow. And a "barrier-free" use of the interior with completely new functional and design possibilities. The integrated opening and closing damping sensually rounds off the extraordinary synergy of function and design.

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Unico by ambigence

Unico is a mechanism for downward flap doors with integrated hinge. The mechanism is just 13,5 millimiters thick. It comes in four possible configurations: 1) recessed mounting with ambigence’s technology, 2) external mounting with cover, 3) recessed flush mounting with cover, 4) recessed mounting in cover side panel. With Unico you can mount doors with thickness from 18 to 20 millimiters and from 20 to 30 millimiters. The position of the door is adjustable in the three dimensions: vertical, lateral and frontal. Opening strain, closing strain and spring’s force are adjustable.

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