Our vision

ambigence turns ideas into new products.

Having ideas is one thing, implementing them and bringing them to market is another.
In order to turn ideas into innovative products, we accumulate the imagination and competencies of our partners in the ambigence network.
The network partners benefit from what is created in this way.

ambigence offers space for innovations.

We are sure that the possibilities are far from exhausted.
We offer space for further innovations and we look forward to developing and implementing them together with ambitious partners and to leading them to success.
Our space is open to you. Feel free to talk to us.

We are...


Design and function merge to form a new product category,
the functionalized furniture element.

The PANEL is the new fitting.

In this way we create space for furniture design that was previously impossible.


We want to inspire people to rethink furniture. We offer a free field that invites furniture designers to be creative.

With the panel we are laying the first foundation stone for new furniture design that gives consumers plenty of room to live individuality.


ambigence initiates the development, accompanies it and brings together furniture, hardware and machine manufacturers.

As the network coordinator, ambigence is a sparring partner, solution provider, pioneer and future thinker, a reliable, result-oriented and neutral partner. In this way, new products can be created in a short period of time and be successful on the market.


Our success proves us right: The network is growing, two versions of the panel with different functions are already on the market. Many international designers and furniture manufacturers have been inspired by us, recognised the added value, and are already planning these products into their furniture.

The next step? Let us surprise you.

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